7 ways content marketing can be useful for you


Content Marketing is used by businesses all over the world to get 3x more leads at 62% lesser cost than traditional marketing.

Traditionally, marketing has always interrupted people in their actions.

Ads on TV, radio, newspapers, hoardings and digital banners all act as interruptions in a person’s flow.

Content Marketing makes you part of your customer’s flow.

Today, people have been so bombarded by ads that they’ve developed Banner Blindness, where their eyes subconsciously ignore ads on pages, and this is on top of ad-blockers, which are incredibly common today.

The fact is that people want to interact with brands, but they don’t want to be sold to. About 46% of users unfollow brands who post too many promotional messages. Nobody wants to follow someone who just talks about themselves.

Content Marketing is all about building a relationship with your customers.

It comes from making a real attempt to help your customers solve their issues.

Yes, it requires a bit more patience than the instant gratification of paid advertising, but it has much higher pay-offs. Its effects don’t wear away once the ad is turned off, but keeps building up with time.
Here are a few ways in which Content Marketing can be useful to you:

1. Helps your customers find you

Whatever pain point your business is solving, chances are that people will be looking for it – they just might know about you yet.

Let’s say your business sells camping gear. With content marketing you can reach potential customers at all points in their purchase journey, like this:

Content Marketing in Customer Journey

2. Social Media repurposing

Your Social Media Marketing strategy rests on your Content Marketing strategy. Once your amazing content piece is created, it is very important to amplify it using your social media handles.

Every piece of content you create can be translated to be shared on all your handles. An article can be converted to a video, an infographic or a podcast.

Apart from sharing it in its complete form, you can also take pieces of it and share them individually. For instance, you can take a couple of helpful tips from your content, and share them as individual tweets.

3. Makes you a brand authority

Sharing your knowledge & expertise in meaningful ways that can help your customers, helps build their trust in you. When they see you consistently making an effort to understand their pain points and provide them with solutions for the same, your reputation grows in their eyes, and they view you as a brand authority in your niche.

4. Converts better

The trust that you build by becoming a brand authority is invaluable in customer acquisition & conversion.

People want to do business with people they trust.

So, when the time comes for your potential customer to make a purchase in your niche, you will be at the top of their list!

5. Improves SEO

You can’t have SEO without content. Creating content means you’re putting out keywords & links consistently on the web – things are essential in SEO.

So the more content you create, the more keywords & links you’ll create, and the better your SEO will be.

6. Helps you understand your customers

When you consistently create content for your customers and interact with them, you gain a lot of insight into your customers’ habits, issues, and approach towards things.

The new perspectives that you gain from this will help you fine-tune your product & messaging to get a leg up on your competition, and might also give you ideas about new product/service lines.

7. Builds a community

Content Marketing is not just about creating content & pushing it out. It is about listening to your customers and engaging with them. This will help guide your content marketing strategy and build a community of loyal customers who amplify your brand even more.

Small businesses & startups often shy away from Content Marketing, afraid of the time commitment it demands, but content can be invaluable for you by helping you stand out from your competition, and building a real relationship with your customers.

How do you use content?

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46 thoughts on “7 ways content marketing can be useful for you

  1. This post has given me some new insights about content marketing. Only creating good content isn’t enough, what we need is a proper channel and right people seeing it. Good one!

  2. I have never really been big on this. But your post helped me understand content marketing a little better.
    Thanks for the insights! 🙂

  3. That’s a very informative post, quite useful too. I agree on all points, especially the 7th. Building community helps you in all forms of business. Even as a mom blogger, having your own community is a big time advantage.

  4. So true, content marketing has become the crux of all activities now. It is important to listen to your customers and give them what they are asking for, instead of pushing what we want.

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